Just some music, mind you

Kick off

This site is a preliminary kick off for Frank Kleemans exhibitioning his compositorial efforts

Frank Kleemans is a self-thaught composer who, just started, hopes to gain the world with his music bursting out. In his fourties he is currently seeking to spend more time on his compostions for both small and large ensembles to be performed around the world. Having also a carreer in management consulting, he is trying to make up some lost time not just being creative but professional in composing as well. Hereto he is seeking both reactions from a selected audience as well as from performers by means of publishing on the internet. In the next years he is striving to bring about a solid repertoire for both amateur and professionals to choose from. His aim is to lead himself into the good tradition of many other selfthought double careered composers just offering the world his works and sharing his musical ideas. Articles>>

 Welcome at the site

Just Listen or Play
Using scorch technology (free download at Sibelius) you can now tune into a number of mostly small scetches and some larger works.

Feel free to encourage both by comments, by commissioning or other means. More >>

What's to expect
Mostly easy, at times difficult, the music always has an urge to move, often still quite straightforward. Just following personal taste for guidance, trying to be not susceptible to any whimp of time, originality comes natural. For finding an audience, judgement is sought both by the listener and performer if they can and will follow. More >>

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